The average age of timeshare owners is now 60 plus. Whether they are still using their timeshare or not, these owners are still liable for paying their maintenance fees. Many are worried about what will happen to these payments once they are no longer around.

With this generation of timeshare owners getting older, many of them are no longer able to use their timeshare because of their age and health issues. This means that these owners are stuck paying money out for holidays they are no longer able to use, yet the resorts do not seem to care about this.

If a timeshare owner cannot travel they are no longer able to get back to their home resort to deal with their ownership issues. Customarily, no timeshare company will deal with these situations over the telephone, as they try to make it difficult buy saying they want to see the deeded owners.

If you are one of these owners who can no longer travel, there are solutions that can be provided in the UK. Timeshare Compensation have offices in 3 various locations around the UK. Stratford upon Avon, York and Bournemouth. Please call our Advisors on 0800 046 5855 and book an appointment.
There are many owners who may not be able to make even the shorter journeys within the UK. Timeshare Compensation can now offer solutions to help these owners by organising home visits.

A home visit consists of timeshare owners contacting us for advice, who will then arrange an appointment, with a Senior Claims Assessors who can then travel to their home to speak about their options. Our Senior Claims Assessors are able to help with the exit of timeshare contracts and if the client feels they were mis sold or mis lead, how they can go about claiming potential compensation.

When dealing with companies who do home visits, you do need to be aware who is coming into your home. It is important that you ask for identification and any information from the company, that proves where they have come from. Some unscrupulous companies send out a sales person, with no, or very little information about their company. These sales people generally ask for money upfront before they leave your home, and chances are, you will never see or hear from them again.

When making a home visit appointment with Timeshare Compensation, you will firstly receive a confirmation email, with the appointment date, the Senior Client Assessors name and it will also ask you to confirm your home address.

On arrival, our Senior Client Assessor will be able to show you their ID, and any company information so you know who they are and which company they are from. Again, we can not stress enough the importance of asking to see these things before letting anyone into your home. Never hand over money to anyone on a home visit.

Timeshare Compensation can also off services such as a telephone consultation and an office visit. If you are looking to exit your timeshare contract or have already exited your timeshare contract and are looking to seek compensation, speak to our friendly Advisors today on 0800 046 5855 or visit our website:

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