Most people have experienced that feeling of wanting to make a holiday last longer, or wanting to get away more often to a particular destination. Owning a property outright in another country can be a costly and time-consuming business (after all, who wants to spend half of their holidays dealing with overgrown gardens and maintenance issue?), which is why many families opt for a timeshare.

On the surface, timeshare ownership can seem like a fantastic way to enjoy a particular location more often. The idea fits that romantic notion of spending more carefree time in the sunshine with the family. However, just as a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner can result in a hangover the following day, signing up to a timeshare contract can lead to trouble further down the line.

“Many people focus on the holiday element of timeshare ownership without fully appreciating what they are committing to. It’s easy to believe the sale patter and sign on the dotted line – but timeshare contracts can be scarily open-ended financial commitments, so it’s always best to proceed with caution. Sadly, many families find themselves locked into contracts that they end up not being able to afford. The romance of owning a property overseas can wear off very quickly when that happens.”

Jodi Beard, Timeshare Compensation

Maintenance fees are a major issue in terms of timeshare affordability. Timeshare companies can increase them at their chosen rate, which in many cases far exceeds inflation, meaning that timeshares become increasingly burdensome to families as the years go by.

“Many families buy into timeshares when they have young children and want to enjoy family holidays together. As the years pass and the parents approach retirement, with the timeshare costs spiralling due to hefty maintenance fee hikes, the romance of owning an overseas property for hassle-free holidays turns into something far more sinister. It is only at that stage that many owners understand how trapped they are by the contract they signed.”

Belinda Rollins,

All is not lost for those whose timeshare love affair has gone sour. The experts at Timeshare Compensation support families to understand their options when it comes to exiting their burdensome timeshare contracts and potentially claiming compensation. Their timeshare compensation calculator provides a quick and easy way for individuals to see what they could be entitled to claim for.

“The legal process isn’t a quick fix, in terms of coming out of a timeshare contract, but there are many cases where it has helped families to achieve the freedom that they so desperately want. Mis-selling, taking money during the contract’s cooling off period and contracts that commit the owners to their timeshare for more than 50 years all have the potential to provide grounds for compensation. For many families, the process – however long it may take to go through the courts – offers some much-needed hope that they can escape the grim reality that their romantic foreign property ownership dream has become.”

Jodi Beard, Timeshare Compensation

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