Virgin Islands Timeshare Holders Sue Over New Fees

The U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean may seem like an idyllic paradise island, but beyond the white sands and soaring temperatures, there is ongoing unrest due to a debt which Virgin Island timeshare owners are being targeted, to pick up the pieces.

The island is said to be in $2million worth of bond debt, due to the territorial government facing budget cuts and deficit spending. In order to overcome this financial difficulty and to try and avoid a financial crisis, the government of the Virgin Islands are now charging some timeshare owners $25 a day to use their timeshare, in hopes to fill up those gaping holes in the economy.

Despite the charge being called the Environmental/Infrastructure Impact Fee, the money does not actually go towards sustaining the degraded environment, but straight into the pockets of the government’s general fund. Robert Clements, the vice president of American Resort Development has filed a federal court Lawsuit in May, due to Virgin Island timeshare owners being unfairly discriminated against, as their impact on the island environment is no different to that of any other visiting tourist.

If a Virgin Island timeshare owner now wants to stay at their resort for 1 week, it will mean paying an extra $175 each time they want to use it, in addition to flights and maintenance fees, the constant increase in outgoings for the use of the timeshare, means that many people want to get out of their contract.

With the new fees already being collected from some timeshare owners, and the government expecting to net an extra $19 million a year for the economy of the Virgin Islands, it doesn’t look like they will be changing their minds on this fee anytime soon.

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