Should I Pay Upfront Timeshare Fees When I Sign Up?

A trick of the timeshare trade is to try and get customers to pay an upfront fee when signing up for a service before they begin any work for you. This should never be paid.

Often seen with timeshare resale companies, salespeople will use a wide range of terminology ‘closing fees’, ‘marketing fees’, ‘advertising fees’, and many more, all meaning the exact same thing; upfront timeshare fees. As soon as a sales person mentions that you need to pay money before the service has begun, this should be the warning that it is a money making scam and they are more than likely just trying to get your money, rather than doing the work they have promised. Under no circumstances should you fall for the trick of paying upfront timeshare fees.

To make sure you are vigilant and avoid getting caught into paying by these con artists, here are some phrases and clues to look out for, that all lead to the same outcome, you paying upfront.

  • Telling you that they have someone who wants to buy your timeshare right now, and they need a certain amount of money to start the process.
  • That they can guarantee a sale, they just need x amount of money to start the transaction, which you will get back if it does not sell.
  • That they have just sold a similar timeshare and if you pay them a certain amount of money to get the process started, they can do the same for you’ll easily sell it.
  • That they have people who want your timeshare weeks, they just need x amount of money to start the transaction then the weeks can be sold.

As you can see, no matter which way it is phrased, or for what reason they give, the sales people inevitably want you to end up out of pocket by paying the upfront timeshare fee for a service that, as for many before, never materialises. Don’t let them get your hopes up and don’t give your money away without knowing all the facts.

If you want genuine help and advice on getting rid of your timeshare, or you have unknowingly paid an upfront fee and need advice on what to do next, please get in touch with us here at Our Claims Advisors have years of experience helping timeshare owners.

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