• Legal system is increasingly supportive of owners who have been mis-sold timeshare products (ABC Lawyers)
  • Gratrick family awarded £21k for costly holiday club membership that didn’t turn out as expected
  • Many more families coming forward to exit their onerous timeshare agreements (ABC Laywers)

When the Gratrick family purchased a holiday club membership back in 2014, they were delighted by the idea of being able to enjoy the worldwide weeks that they had been sold, as well as at the thought of regularly visiting their timeshare resort. The couple had never planned to purchase a timeshare resort membership, but found themselves caught up in the dream of owning their own slice of Hawaii.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of visiting their timeshare resort, the Gratricks were unable to use their membership for the first time until September 2016, when they were offered a free week. They had a wonderful week on the resort, but realised while there that the timeshare model was not what they had been led to believe – they were unable to use the worldwide weeks that they had been sold as they could not find any accommodation of sufficient quality through their holiday club membership.

“This is an all too familiar tale, unfortunately. So many initially enthusiastic timeshare owners have gone on to discover that the difference between the dream they were sold and the product they’ve purchased is stark. The financial burden of timeshare ownership is not always clear prior to purchase and many families find themselves stretched by payments that they had not budgeted for when making the decision to buy.”
Mark Rowe, Managing Director, Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL

Having decided to exit from their holiday club membership, the Gratricks sought professional support from ABC Lawyers. Although they spoke to several companies initially while trying to find assistance, it was ABC Lawyers who stood out from the crowd. The Gratricks met with an ABC advisor, who laid out the process they were facing.

“Our advisor Jo was very friendly and clear. In the meeting, we were told that the exit could take up to one year, but ABC Lawyers managed to do this in just a few months, so they exceeded my expectations with the timescale. They made the process look simpler than I expected it to be.”
Mr Gratrick

ABC Lawyers supported the Gratrick family to make a claim against their holiday club, as the product they had ended up with differed so starkly from what they had been sold. A few months later, the Gratricks received more than £21,000 back from the resort. They were delighted with the outcome that ABC Lawyers had helped them to achieve.

“We received back £21,160 in compensation from our home resort and that’s fantastic. My overall experience has been really positive. I would recommend ABC Lawyers to any of my friends and family.”
Mr Gratrick

With more and more timeshare owners deciding to fight back against a system that has seemed stacked against them for so long, cases like that of the Gratrick family are extremely encouraging to those considering exiting from their timeshare agreements.

“The legal climate has never been more sympathetic to timeshare owners. We’re seeing a notable increase in cases being awarded in favour of owners. It seems that timeshare resorts are finally being taken to task for their poor selling practices over the years, which will come as a relief to many of those who have been duped into buying and they found themselves stuck with something entirely different to (and more costly than) that which they thought they were purchasing.”
Mark Rowe, Managing Director, Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL

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