3 Timeshare Horror Stories That Prove You’re Not Alone

It is unfortunate that we at Timeshare Compensation get inundated with requests from consumers whose timeshare did not turn out to be all they expected. Luckily the tide is turning and people are speaking out and seeking justice for the disservice they received and there are video testimonials all across the internet of people sharing their own personal timeshare horror stories.

Here we share a few examples.

Amber Martinez – Wyndham Resorts, Panama City Florida.

The young woman and her family were called by Wyndham and offered an extremely low-cost holiday to Panama City with an additional gift card of $75, all they would have to do is attend a two-hour presentation once they arrived, with no obligation to buy anything. This seemed like an amazing deal, but of course turned out to be too good to be true.

The mother, father and 16-month-old baby took the deal up and went on the trip. Once they arrived they were taken to the presentation room, which is where the problems started. The family were given a background of Wyndham and why it is a great holiday option if you plan on taking regular trips over the next 25 years, it was stated that a timeshare would end up paying for itself with the amount of money they would be saving. They were told that a “soft” credit check would be done to determine what maximum point package they would qualify for and given all the destinations they could visit. This is where the lies then started, the salesman told the couple they would make a profit off their timeshare and as it is dated real estate, it would help their credit score. They were also told that they could easily exit their timeshare contract should they wish and that Wyndham would buy back the contract at any time. The timeshare sales people deceived the family into thinking the purchase of the Wyndham timeshare was a real estate investment which would help them build their credit rating, however when the couple came to buy a home their timeshare payments worked against them and they were unable to qualify for a mortgage. When the couple attempted to exit their timeshare, however, they were told that their contact was binding by Wyndham, and the resort refused to honour exactly what was promised by the salesperson.

Tammy Ames – Vacation Village

The Ames family were offered a one week holiday, including Disneyland tickets all for the low price of $299, all they had to do was sit through a 90-minute timeshare sales presentation, along with a free breakfast and a tour of the area. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Wrong.

After the tour, the sales team started their tactics, calculating how much money the family could afford to spend, and how much it would cost them to go on holiday annually without a timeshare. The timeshare sales team proposed an offer of $30,000, after refusal, the salesman went away to speak to a manager and came back with a special deal of $9,000 just for them if they buy it today. Mrs Ames describes the process as a ‘wear down strategy’ as 6 hours later the bargaining was still continuing, and the family agreed to buy the timeshare, just so that they could leave the presentation. One year after reluctantly purchasing the timeshare, the Ames family were notified that Vacation Village were changing to a points system and that the family would have to ‘buy-in’ to the system. After refusing to sign, the family are stuck with their old timeshare which they do not want, with increasing maintenance fees, all because of pressure sales.

Bob and Shelley Cartman – Grand Holidays Club

While on holiday in Tenerife in 2012, a timeshare salesperson claiming to be from the “tourist board” approached the retired couple offering them a free bottle of wine, and explaining that Mrs Cartman had won a grand prize of a week’s free holiday anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the couple were too trusting and fell into the trap.

Mr and Mrs Cartman then were persuaded to visit Grand Holidays Club, which is notorious for trapping tourists into signing up to timeshare agreements, and were locked in a room for over four hours. After hours of sales tactics, the couple were pressured into signing up to a ‘trial timeshare’, providing them with holidays anywhere in the world, for just £99 a week, if they pay a one-off fee of £2000. Luckily they refused to sign up to the perpetual timeshare contract, but the trial timeshare and bargain holidays never materialised, so the retired couple lost out on £2000 to the scam.

If you have a timeshare horror story and were caught in the trap by pressure sales, or your timeshare turned out to be a nightmare rather than a holiday, we at Timeshare Compensation can help you to get the justice you deserve. Please fill out the form below.

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