When Is A Timeshare A Good Idea?

You might think that because we help our customers get out of their timeshare or claim compensation against the resort, that we at Timeshare.Compensation is anti-timeshare. But this is not the case, there is another side of the story, filled with thousands of happy timeshare owners.

We believe that the concept and principle of timeshare is a good product. It can mean guaranteed holidays in beautiful accommodation, in your favourite location, and it can become a family staple for making memories. Unfortunately, the industry has received a bad reputation in recent years, and we are hoping to clean up the industries problems so that the future of timeshare can be brighter.

Timeshare offers stability allowing you to know what you’re getting when you book your holiday. Never again do you have the disappointment of turning up at the holiday accommodation and finding it isn’t as you expected in the brochure. Timeshare units often offer more than your usual hotel room. They may be larger, more like a holiday home than a hotel, and include a kitchen and other utilities you wouldn’t usually get.  A lot of consumers like knowing they have a guaranteed holiday every year and can organise themselves around their specific time slot for their holiday.

Whilst having a fixed location and week is exactly what some timeshare owners look for, for those who prefer more variety, there are timeshare exchange systems available that allows you to exchange your timeshare week or unit with another at a different resort and/or destination, meaning you can be assured of the quality from an affiliated resort or even upgrade to a better unit than you’re used to with timeshare points.

Though timeshare is not a property investment, as some would lead you to believe,  and will never increase in value, the stability of a guaranteed location makes the holiday process a lot simpler and stress-free. Passing on a timeshare to children can often be thought of as a burden, but if the resort has been visited by family year upon year, it can become like a ‘second home’ and many families will find it a wonderful gift to inherit.

The timeshare industry has had a bad rap, but the basic product does work for many people. It is unfortunate that this isn’t always the case, and when timeshares go wrong, it can become a burden. Timeshare is a long-term commitment and shouldn’t be rushed, as along with the big price tag, also comes the contract which can be difficult to get out of. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who hasn’t found your timeshare to be all you expected, we at Timeshare Compensation are here to help you to get the advice that you need.


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