Proof You Could Succeed with a Timeshare Compensation Win

More and more successful timeshare compensation win cases are coming into the spotlight recently. This, of course, is thrilling news for us. Seeing more people take on their unscrupulous timeshare companies and win is what we are all about, so the news that successful wins are on the rise is fantastic. Let’s take a look at four timeshare compensation wins that have hit the headlines recently, to show you just how great things are right now:

1. The Walkers: £7,000 Returned

Mr and Mrs Walker were approached by a timeshare resale company named International Timeshare Refund Action who promised to get the couple out of their timeshare in Spain, and win timeshare compensation for them. The Walkers paid over £7000 to the company, on the promise that they would get at least that amount back in timeshare compensation. Of course, a year on, no compensation was forthcoming.

After an 18 month legal battle, the Walkers were finally awarded the full sum back from ITRA. The Court ruled that the contract with the company was void because it lacked key information within it. In addition, ITRA should not have asked the Walkers for upfront fees.

2. Tove Grimsbo: £28,000 Returned

In March 2015, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that Tove Grimsbo from Norway, should receive £28,000 from Anfi because her ‘in perpetuity’ timeshare contract contravened Spanish law.

No timeshare agreement signed after 15 January 1999 is allowed to last more than 50 years, and so Grimsbo’s contract was ruled null and void.

3. Puerto Calma Group Ordered to Pay £230,000

September 2015 saw the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court in Gran Canaria rule that the Puerto Calma Group (now owned by Holiday Club Resorts) should repay a timeshare holder over £230,000 in recompense for their mis-sold in perpetuity timeshare. The contract was also nullified as part of the case, and legal costs were additionally paid.

4. Palm Oasis Ordered to Repay Over £20,000

In this case, the Supreme Court of Gran Canaria applied the same criteria as seen in the above Puerto Calma Group case. This involved infringement of the duration of the scheme (i.e. an in perpetuity contract exceeding 50 years in duration), and the collection of prepayment amounts.

These are just some of the cases coming up before the Courts recently, particularly in Spain, where a clampdown on rogue timeshares is in full force.

We’ve also covered three more successful timeshare compensation win cases in our news post here, and there are many more besides! It just goes to show, there has never been a better time to look into getting a timeshare compensation win for yourself!

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