Timeshare companies flex their muscles against those standing up for owners

Timeshare companies aren’t really known for their compassionate treatment of their customers, particularly if those customers are unhappy with their timeshare commitment and want to exit their contracts. Now, two large timeshare companies in the US have decided to go after those who represent their customers as well.

Orange Lake Resorts and Diamond Resorts are suing US attorney Michael Finn. Finn is dedicated to representing those who need to cancel their timeshare contracts and are having trouble doing so. His focus, much like that of Timeshare Compensation over in the UK, is on enabling timeshare customers to understand their rights and to have a voice against the big industry players.

“The stakes are high when it comes to court cases in the timeshare industry, meaning that companies are looking at new ways to try and avoid owners from exiting their contracts. The Michael Finn case is a particularly interesting one, as it shows how timeshare companies aren’t just going after the little guys anymore, but also those who represent them.”

Mark Rowe, Founder, Timeshare Compensation

The stakes are indeed high. In 2016, the Wyndham lost a $20 million verdict in the California courts. The case concerned a whistle-blowing employee who claimed (amongst other things) that the company was using deceptive assertions about how easy timeshares were to sell back to Wyndham when targeting elderly customers.

In the Michael Finn case, Orange Lake Resorts and Diamond Resorts appear to have taken exception to Finn’s targeting of their owners. His work to represent the firms’ customers – at least, those customers who wish to exit their timeshares – seems to have become too time-consuming for the companies to deal with. Coupled with Finn allegedly advising customers not to pay until matters are resolved, his work has become a thorn in the resorts’ side. Lengthy legal battles are underway as a result, with the timeshare companies flexing their muscles in an attempt to quash Finn’s efforts to support their customers.

“It’s sad to see such large companies acting in this way, when their time could perhaps be better spent working with those owners who are unhappy and want to exit, in order to find a more appropriate solution. Thankfully, those of us who are committed to standing up for owners’ rights will not be put off by such actions – we are here to ensure that owners have more of a united voice and that’s not going to change.”

Mark Rowe, Founder, Timeshare Compensation

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