Another Timeshare Cold-Calling Fraud Campaign: Allied Services

It has recently been reported that there is a new timeshare cold-calling fraud company, called Allied Services, that is targeting timeshare owners offering compensation for mis-sold investments.

Allied services are contacting the clients of approved companies, such as Travel and Leisure, and telling their clients that they have been passed on their details by the reputable company. Travel and Leisure have denied claims that they have passed on any information and have specifically warned their clients that they should be very cautious in giving out any personal details or bank information to Allied Services as they believe they are acting fraudulently.

Despite Allied Services having a website, email address and a London address and telephone number, there is no registered company information on the website which is a legal requirement in the UK. The website itself was only registered in March 2017, however, the website states that the company has been running since 2011. The name under in which the website is registered is Philip Newcombe with an address in Paris, France, all of these factors raise suspicions that Allied Services are not a legitimate company.

If you get a call from Allied services, even if they offer you a service that you require, remember that there is a strong possibility that they are a fraudulent company and they may attempt to take money from you without providing the service that they are offering. There have already been many companies caught out using the exact same technique.

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