The timeshare industry has long had something of a dubious reputation, yet for many holidaymakers, a timeshare is seen as the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of holidaying in their ‘own place’ overseas without the cost or hassle of owning a property outright. Sadly, the reality of that dream is often far removed from the ideal, with timeshare owners burdened by rising costs and seemingly unbreakable contracts.

The issue was highlighted in the UK recently by the BBC, which featured trapped timeshare owners as part of its topical Victoria Derbyshire programme. Owners spoke about the difficulties they have faced in trying to exit from their timeshare contracts as a result of increasing costs and changing personal circumstances.

“It’s sad to see so many people struggling to meet the rising costs of timeshare ownership, with a property they once enjoyed turning into a nightmare from which there seems to be no escape. However, that’s the reality for many families who entered into timeshare ownership with the very best of intentions. At least now we’re seeing owners coming forward to share their stories and try to find a way to break the cycle.”

Jodi Beard, Timeshare Compensation

Indeed, rising interest in the burdensome way that timeshare contracts are shaped has meant that many owners no longer feel alone in their struggles. For some, exiting their contracts and claiming compensation provides a viable means of escape.

“Owners who meet certain conditions – such as having a contract that lasts for more than 50 years or who handed over money during the cooling off period – actually have a strong case for pursuing compensation through the courts. Many don’t realise that’s the case until they start looking at their situation with professional assistance. The moment an owner realises that he/she may be able to exit their contract, not to mention claim compensation, can be a huge relief.”

Belinda Rollins,

The team at Timeshare Compensation is well aware of this rising interest in claiming compensation. Their customer numbers have been increasing steadily as families begin to understand their rights and move forward with attempting to exit from their onerous timeshare contracts. Doing so is not a quick process, but it’s one that has helped many owners to liberate themselves from the financial and emotional stress of owning a timeshare.

“It’s good to see that timeshare compensation is hitting the headlines more frequently now. The strain of owning a timeshare – both in terms of the economic burden and the emotional pressure that it can cause – is causing misery for too many families. The more people speak out, the better it is for all those who are struggling to find a way to free themselves of their timeshare burden.”

Jodi Beard, Timeshare Compensation

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