Taking holiday each year means quality time with friends or family, making memories that last a lifetime. This is also true for timeshare owners. Unfortunately, timeshare owners face more restrictions when it comes to making those memories.

Timeshare owners have to ensure they book flights on certain dates (which can be expensive when you do not have the option of flexibility). There’s also the downside of having to return to the same place time and time again, instead of exploring new places. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

We, of course, deal with many timeshare owners every single day, and there are some grievances that come up time and again. Thinking about exiting your timeshare? Here are the top reasons people give us for finally making that leap…

Maintenance Fees

Many timeshare owners are facing financial difficulties due to their maintenance fees increasing year on year. Some timeshare owners have reported that their timeshare resort doesn’t seem to be maintained to the same standard as in the past, making them question why they are paying maintenance fees at all.

Increase in maintenance fees can be due to fewer people owning timeshares at the resort so the owners still there are having to pay more to make up the shortfall.

Lack Of Flexibility

If you are a timeshare owner with a fixed week, meaning you use the same unit in the same resort at the same time each year, you don’t have any flexibility when it comes to using it.

When you originally purchased your timeshare this may have seemed like an advantage, with only having to book your flights each time you went away. As the years have gone on though, many people find they are frustrated with having to visit the same place every time they go away.

Yes, there is always the possibility that you could rent your week out and use the money to go somewhere else, or you could possibly swap your week or exchange it, but all these options mean a lot more work for you.

It would be easier to simply book a holiday of your choice, when and where you want, without these restrictions.

Upkeep Of Resort

Many timeshare owners, especially where the resorts are older, have complained that the resort is no longer maintained to the high standards that they signed up for. Not only is the decreasing amount of owners, as mentioned above, something that can factor in this, but the age of the resort also plays a part, too. Older resorts need more money to maintain them as more things can potentially go wrong with older buildings.

Maintenance fees are needed for the upkeep of the structure, as well as the grounds and facilities on offer. This has led many timeshare owners to start believing they aren’t getting what they pay for. Sometimes, there’s just not enough money coming in from maintenance fees for the resort to cover all the maintenance work that needs to be done.

If you’re paying a large fee every year for the quality resort you chose, it is only right to be able to expect that resort to stay the way it was when you signed up. If the product you’re paying for doesn’t meet expectations, it may be time to consider exiting your timeshare.


The initial excitement of having a home away from home, where you meet up with the same people year after year, no longer holds the appeal that it once did. Visiting the same place becomes boring, meaning that, if you want a bit of variety in your travel plans, the only way is to pay out additional money for a holiday, while still paying maintenance fees for your timeshare. This is a luxury few timeshare owners can reasonably afford.

Continuing Sales Pitches

It is understandable to believe that once you have bought your timeshare you wouldn’t have to sit through another sales pitch. This isn’t necessarily the case, as the resort will always want to make more money. Many timeshare owners complain they are continuously harassed by sales representatives trying to convince them to part with more money for further timeshare products.

If any of the above resonates with you, there is something that you can do! Call the team at Timeshare Compensation today on 0800 046 5855 to discuss exiting your timeshare.

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