TATOC Goes Into Administration After Consumer Backlash

News has broken last month (May 2017) that TATOC has gone into administration and the company is now bankrupt and unable to pay back any debts.

TATOC have fooled many organisations into believing that they are there to solely support the timeshare consumer, even the Citizens Advice Bureau were known to recommend consumers to use TATOC. However, their practice of putting consumers back onto the same timeshare company that they originally had the issue with, has left many unhappy customers.

TATOC claimed to be a champion of timeshare owners but backed timeshare companies such as McDonald’s Resorts when they changed fixed week owners into their points system, saying it was in the best interest of the owners, irrespective of the fact that fixed week owners had more rights than points club members.

Inside Timeshare are currently fighting a case for a consumer who went to TATOC for help because MacDonald Resorts would not accept that she had legally transferred her Doña Lola week to another person using another company. The 87 year old lady who is house bound is now being chased for maintenance she does not owe by a debt collection agency threatening to take her to court.

Since the recent revelation that TATOC has gone into administration,  it has also come to light that the company has been losing backing from many of its long term business allies, such as RDO and Silverpoint and these probably won’t be the first or the last to turn their backs on the company.

TATOC and its chairman, Harry Taylor, have lost all credibility and now lost the business, which will be good news for many timeshare owners who sought help from TATOC but failed to receive any.  

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