Trouble In Paradise: The South African Timeshare Row

The South African timeshare industry is the latest to be under scrutiny, as a public hearing is being held for unhappy timeshare owners in hopes that a regulatory legislation will be put in place. The National Consumer Commission is carrying out these public hearings to understand what consumers are experiencing and allowing them to share their stories of mistreatment.

The hearings are spreading across South Africa, starting in Petoria and then moving on to Cape Town and now to Durban. The main issue being confronted at these hearings is that South African timeshare clubs refuse to cancel contracts, so many consumers are tied into the contracts for life, which is illegal.

Some other concerns being addressed include accommodation being oversold which means that there is no availability when consumers go to book their holiday, yet they are still expected to pay yearly maintenance and upkeep fees. It has also been raised that the contracts still do not cancel upon death, and many people are concerned about their families inheriting the burden.

These complaints are nothing new to those aware of the scrutiny the timeshare industry has been facing. It has been coming to light all across the world that timeshares have long been mis-sold, with thousands of owners being coerced into buying a timeshare that they cannot afford, it is often the case that at the time of sale, information is withheld so consumers are not aware of additional fees and consumers are sold an ‘investment’ that never materialised.

The aim of these hearings is to get the South African timeshare industry covered by a single piece of legislation which will bring correct regulation so timeshare resorts cannot continue to hold its consumers to ransom.

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