South Africa Timeshare Industry Under Scrutiny

Watchdog has called for an inquiry into the South African timeshare industry after major concerns have been raised by consumers about the disgusting behaviour from the industry as a whole.

The allegations made by consumers state that there is no availability at the timeshare resorts when requested and that they were conned into signing indefinite contracts that they cannot get out of. It has also been stated that timeshare companies overbook accommodation and that the resorts threaten with lawsuits if consumers cannot pay the excessive and ever increasing fees.

National Consumer Commissioner, Ebrahim Mohamed who ordered the inquiry into the South African timeshare industry, has stated that the most disturbing aspect is that the industry has turned a blind eye and nothing has been done to correct the issues raised by consumers.

The Vacation Ownership Association of South Africa has retaliated to this claim by saying that since 2008, they have proposed changes to the legislation and the industry code of conduct to try and fix the problems that are faced by the consumers. The timeshare industry in South Africa is worth $3.5 billion a year with in excess of 200 resorts and over 500,000 shared owners.

A three-member panel will now spend six months engaging with affected consumers and industry members in order to identify the root of the issues experienced by consumers, evaluate the facts and evidence presented and to then make suggestions on how to overcome these issues.

Hopefully, this inquiry will bring a resolution to all those affected by the timeshare industry in South Africa.

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