Yet Another Silverpoint Timeshare Scam Unravels in the Supreme Court

The blows keep coming to the timeshare giant, with another Silverpoint timeshare scam unmasked in the Supreme Court.

A couple has finally earned justice for the Silverpoint timeshare scam that had been causing them so much stress and upset for the last nine years.

The Background

Like so many other unfortunate victims of Silverpoint, the couple took a free holiday in exchange for attending a “sixty-minute” timeshare presentation. The presentation, in fact, lasted for hours on end. Sat in a room with several other couples and families, they were bombarded with Silverpoint’s hard-sell tactics until they were finally convinced that it was a great offer.

They were sold seven apartments for £25,000 – with the promise that they would be resold within two years for a great profit for the couple. Of course, no such profit came to pass.

What Happened Next

Due to the ‘current economic situation across Europe’, they were told after 12 months, the resale market was no good. Unfortunately, the couple would not be able to sell the seven apartments they had purchased. What a surprise.

Hot on the heels of this disappointing news, the couple were hounded into yet another timeshare presentation where, for a cost, they were ‘upgraded’ from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom apartment. With this, they were told, they would be able to join RCI’s points exchange system, which would allow them to holiday ‘anywhere in the world’! Oh yes, and there was another annual cost involved for this pleasure.

The Legal Case

Soon realising that the Silverpoint timeshare scam had dug them further into an unmanageable financial hole, the couple decided it was time to take legal action.

After five years since they first met Silverpoint, a judge ruled in favour of the couple. However, Silverpoint immediately launched an appeal to the High Court, who ruled that what the couple had bought was an ‘investment’(!) and therefore did not fall under Spanish Timeshare Law.

Understandably furious, the couple’s legal team appealed right back. Finally, in 2016, the Spanish Supreme Court looked at the case. This is when the tables turned, and in January 2017, it was finally ruled that the contract was null and void. Better still, it was ruled that Silverpoint must pay back over £10,000.

This is a fantastic result, although the couple has still lost several thousand pounds to this Silverpoint timeshare scam. There are two lessons, however, to be learned here: Remember that, whilst there are good and bad aspects to timeshare, it is important to read the small print and understand what you are purchasing before you put that pen to paper. That being said, do be beware when you purchase a timeshare, and if you already have and are not happy with the product, take them to court. 

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