Why Has Silverpoint Changed its Name To Signallia?

It has become apparent that well-known timeshare company Silverpoint, has changed its name to Signallia Marketing Distribution.

What is Signallia?

Signallia are stepping away from the Timeshare industry and are selling a brand new product called ‘Keys Concierge’, advertising itself as a luxury membership offering stays at accommodation such as the former timeshare Beverly Hills Club, Beverly Hills Heights, and Hollywood Mirage to name a few. They are a concierge service who organise all your travel arrangements, make bookings for you and carry out any mundane tasks you don’t want to do. By joining the service and utilising your Keys membership, you can receive various discounts from 5% discount at Marks & Spencer to 15% discount at Disneyland Paris. Whether these benefits actually come off is yet to be seen.

Why might Silverpoint have changed their tracks?

Despite hiding behind a new company name and product, the CIF and address of Signallia are the same as Silverpoint, including the same company director Mark Cushway, but there is still a strong chance that they will deny they are linked to the timeshare resort.

With all the recent cases of timeshare compensation wins against Silverpoint, such as losing €90,000 in a battle in the Arona courts in Tenerife in April, the company was fighting a losing battle and their reputation was definitely on the line. Signallia will not want their high-end customers to think they are associated with a company now known for pressure sales and mis-sold contracts.

Whilst we don’t know if those behind Signallia Marketing Distribution have turned over a new leaf after getting the comeuppance from their dodgy timeshare past, you should still be cautious that they used to be Silverpoint, they may have changed their product but they may not have changed their ways.

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