Many consumers purchase their timeshare on the promise of 5-star luxury, it’s a sound investment and it will re-sell without any problems in the future.

The above declarations are common during timeshare presentations. However, most will know that when they do try to resell the timeshare for a profit, that this is never going to happen, what will happen is the owner will see a significant loss, an investment it certainly wasn’t.

The salespeople involved in the presentations will tell the buyer anything they can to secure a sale, mostly because the people involved are self-employed receiving a hefty commission for selling the product, therefore, they are driven to say whatever they can if it means securing a sale. Such salespeople are professionally trained to enthuse potential owners, into making them believe they are purchasing the best thing they have ever ‘’invested’’ in.

All salespeople tend to expand on the truth a little. However, the fact of the matter is, when they purchased, they did so as a consumer, therefore, they are protected by statutory and implied consumer rights.

During the purchase process consumers believe what they are being told is the truth, why shouldn’t they. Should a statement or representation be false, they do have the right to proceed with a compensation claim. We at Timeshare Compensation recommend you seek professional advice, please feel free to contact ourselves for a free no obligation quote where we will be happy to investigate your concerns and to confirm whether you may have a claim or not. Whoever you choose please do so with caution as there are many ‘plastic’ lawyers out there who are simply ex-sales people posing as lawyers and hoping to jump on the compensation band wagon.

Any consumer wishing to pursue a claim should do so with the knowledge and understanding of what’s ahead, considering matters fully and ensuring that anyone they engage with is acting in their best interest and not that of another, i.e. mainly the ‘plastic’ lawyer who will either take their upfront fees and run. Once a final decision has been made and the consumer fully believes their case is strong enough, they can then decide should they wish to engage with a professional or go it alone, should they choose to go it alone, be prepared for a bitter lengthy battle.

Should they decide to fund the case themselves, they will be the one walking away with the healthy compensation reward, however, should they choose to use a fully qualified legitimate professional to take over the case for them, obviously there will be a percentage taken upon completion of the case from the overall compensation amount rewarded. Unless the consumer is confident and knowledgeable enough to pursue a claim, we recommend contracting a professional.

As with anything which relates to legalities, contracts, matters concerning timeshare contracts and associated compensation claims, for those seeking advice please we at TCP cannot emphasise the importance of choosing the right professional body, one with the necessary experience who is able to contend with the laws and regulations and within a variety of different legal jurisdictions. Please note consumers cannot simply go to their local lawyer, as they will have a right of audience in the UK but will not have any automatic right to represent you in other courts in other legal jurisdictions. Furthermore, they may be unfamiliar of the laws concerning timeshare and the rights consumers enjoy by way of statutory implied rights given upon them by the UK, Europe or adapted laws where their timeshare is based.

There are many rules and regulations as well as other avenues to explore, however, such investigations should only be done by trained licenced or regulated professionals, not a band of ex sales people who have swapped selling unlawful timeshare products and entered the legal profession marketing equally unlawful legal services.
Choose wisely and think with caution before you proceed.

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