Timeshare Compensation Offer The Following Services;

  • Timeshare Contract Nullification

Some timeshare owners feel that they have “had their money’s worth” from their timeshare property.  These owners like the option of an exit only. Working with paralegal exit specialists (www.Timeshare.lawyer), we operate an exit service designed to help you escape from your timeshare obligations. This option involves a cost to customers.

  • Compensation Evaluation

Certain contracts are illegal and we can help evaluate the type of contract you have to see if you could claim compensation. Even if you no longer own or have let your maintenance fees lapse, you may still be eligible to compensation and we can help you achieve this.

  • Offsetting / Trade-in of your Timeshare

For some timeshares we can offer a service in which timeshare owners can maximise the “locked-in” or “hidden” equity of their timeshare property by offsetting the value of their timeshare (as assessed by us) against the cost of other leisure products (such as those available at www.JiveHippo.co.uk) that might be more suitable for their current needs. Those products involve a cost to customers discounted by the value of the timeshare.  Many timeshare owners are unaware of the potential value of their properties in this regard. This option is often combined with a timeshare disposal (see below) or, occasionally, a trade-in where we take over the timeshare ourselves.

  • Timeshare Ownership Advice

Please do not forget that we offer general timeshare ownership advice at your one-to-one consultation meeting.  Many timeshare owners come away from their meeting better informed about their timeshare ownership:  how to get better exchanges, how to boost their trading power, what’s going on generally in the timeshare industry.

All clients are different, and have individual situations.  For this reason, appointments are carried out on an individual basis and your Advisor will explain and discuss all the options available to you.  Not all options are suitable for all our customers and some of our services do incur a fee.  Please note that a hotel stay is not mandatory in order to attend a Timeshare Appointment.


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