Many people have heard the expression that ‘once you’ve died, your debts die with you’, unfortunately that is not necessarily the case with timeshare. Although they are now deemed illegal by the Spanish Supreme Court, many people signed ‘in perpetuity’ contracts. This lifetime and beyond contract will automatically be passed down to your family or next of kin when you are no longer around.

Just because you may have believed that timeshare that was a great opportunity when you bought it, doesn’t mean that your family will agree. Or, it could be that even you are no longer interested in continuing with your timeshare even if you once believed that you would always love it.

When signing your timeshare contract, the dream that was likely sold to you was a lifetime of holidays for you and your family in your favourite destination year after year. Nobody can be blamed for thinking that this was an amazing opportunity, but times have changed. There is a world of stunning holiday destinations out there, whether you look closer to home in the UK or want to travel the world one country at a time.

You may be a timeshare owner nearing retirement age and feel that you need a change or no longer want to travel abroad, but while you are still tied into your timeshare contract you will still have to continue paying for it and if you don’t exit from your timeshare those payments will be passed on to your loved ones.

Timeshare resorts are aware that these contracts are now illegal, and some have been caught still trying to sell them. While others are doing everything that they can to try and avoid letting timeshare owners exit from their contracts. This is because they still want to make money, but also the charges increase for owners that are left in a resort which has exited other owners.

It has been reported that some timeshare owners have gone directly to their resort or developer to try and sell back their timeshare or even cut ties without receiving any monies for it. These timeshare resorts then use clever sales tactics to try and sell you something else, promising that this next purchase is going to benefit you so much more. If the resorts fail in selling you something else, they will deny you leave of contract as they say that you signed the contract. There is a very slim possibility that your resort may comply, however, there are specialised third parties that can help.

Instead of contacting your resort directly and failing, your best choice is to contact Timeshare Compensation by phone or online. We have a team of experienced advisors who will discuss your timeshare with you and then pass your information to one the specialist consultants who will know quite quickly if you have a case. If you do have a case, you will be invited to a meeting with a consultant who will begin the process of exiting you from your timeshare and pursue a claim for compensation for you.

Instead of passing the burden of timeshare onto your family, enjoy the savings you make and the compensation with them.

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