The only timeshare exit company to advertise in Tenerife South Airport

Timeshare Compensation celebrates being the only timeshare exit company to be licensed to advertise in Tenerife South Airport

The expert team at Timeshare Compensation is celebrating another victory – becoming the only timeshare exit company to be granted a licence to advertise in Tenerife South Airport. The company has been granted 28 advertising spots. The adverts are designed to reach out to all those struggling to cope with paying for their timeshare due to changing circumstances and/or increasing fees.

Timeshare affordability can change dramatically based on a family’s own changing circumstances and priorities. Divorce, remarriage, children flying the nest… all these can turn a timeshare from a good idea into a one that simply no longer makes sense. Timeshare Compensation supports timeshare owners to understand their options and, where appropriate, to take action to exit from their onerous commitment.

“We are delighted to be licensed to advertise in Tenerife South Airport by AENA, (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea). Being the only timeshare exit company permitted to advertise is testament to the honesty and integrity of the Timeshare Compensation team, and I’m incredibly proud of their tireless efforts to support timeshare owners.”

 Mark Rowe, Founder, Timeshare Compensation

Tenerife South Airport served more than 11.2 million visitors in 2017 and is the second busiest airport in the Canary Islands. Coupled with Tenerife’s popularity as a timeshare resort location, the airport is the ideal location for Timeshare Compensation to advertise its services.

Timeshare Compensation offers advice and guidance to anyone who owns a timeshare and is seeking to exit. A quick glance at the number of Tenerife timeshare owners trying to sell their weeks on eBay gives a good indication of the fact that not all those who purchased there are still living the timeshare dream.

“Tenerife offers a fantastic combination of sun, scenery and superb cuisine, making it a popular timeshare location. Sadly, timeshare contracts don’t often account for the ups and downs that life can throw at us. When circumstances change, that’s where Timeshare Compensation can help. The new adverts at Tenerife South Airport will help to reach out to those who need our support.”

 Mark Rowe, Founder, Timeshare Compensation


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