One more, the New Year is racing towards us, providing many families with a chance to refocus their energies and make plans for change. Often, exercise and finances top the list of desired changes as the New Year rolls around.

The figures in relation to gym membership aren’t promising. Despite many good intentions, Sport England reports that one on in ten of us go to the gym at least once a month. That’s despite 35% of people planning to lose weight after the turn of the year and 33% intending to get fitter, according to YouGov.

However, while going to the gym is largely powered by one’s own willpower, there is more support available to those looking to make financial changes. This is particularly true for timeshare owners.

“The timeshare compensation process is easier than ever for those timeshare owners looking to escape their millstone contracts. There are a range of reasons why a timeshare contract could be deemed illegal and in those cases taking legal action can result in owners receiving substantial compensation.”

Mark Rowe, Timeshare Compensation

Taking a timeshare company to court can seem like a daunting prospect, but there are companies and support services available to help owners navigate the legal process. It can take time to do so, but those who are awarded compensation as a result of their efforts argue that the process is well worth it.

“The legal landscape has changed for timeshare owners and, while taking a case to court is still a lengthy process, recent rulings have encouraged many families to challenge the legality of the contract that they signed.”

Belinda Rollins,

This is excellent news for many of those feeling trapped by their timeshare arrangement. It is the Spanish Supreme Court that is leading the way on behalf of those families. In recent years it has deemed that timeshare contracts that last for longer than 50 years are illegal. Likewise, if any money was handed over during the cooling off phase of a contract, that also negates the document’s legality. The court has also ruled that ‘floating weeks’ contracts are not legally binding.

For families considering legal action as part of their New Year plans, Timeshare Compensation’s online compensation calculator can be a good starting point. Key to the process is gathering together all evidence of what was paid and when, including in which currency. This applies not just to contract fees but also to maintenance charges, as these can be subject to reimbursement as well, should the courts rule that a contract is illegal.

“The initial stage of any potential claim is all about the paperwork. The more records that can be found, the better. It takes time to trawl through old bank statements and find financial details from years ago, but such information is essential to the claims process if financial compensation is to be the end goal.”

Mark Rowe, Timeshare Compensation

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