It’s been a bad few weeks for travellers. The sudden and spectacular collapse of Monarch Airlines at the start of October left 110,000 holidaymakers stranded overseas and caused 750,000 future bookings to be cancelled. The repatriation effort by the Civil Aviation Authority was estimated to cost £60 million.

Just days earlier, Ryanair had announced the cancellation of 20,000 flights, disrupting the holiday and business travel plans of 750,000 customers.

“The Ryanair flights fiasco and the sudden demise of Monarch are a stark warning to timeshare owners who buy properties that are served by smaller, regional airports. The loss of a single carrier could mean that a timeshare has suddenly become far more expensive to visit or even that the journey there has become entirely impractical.”

Jodi Beard, Timeshare Compensation

It’s a trap that future timeshare owners need to be on the lookout for. Meanwhile, for those who already own timeshares and are now facing much steeper travel bills, the recent travel chaos may well become the final straw.

“There are all sorts of reasons why people seek to exit their timeshares, but cost is often on the list. Unreasonable maintenance fee rises and pricier journeys can quickly make a timeshare economically unviable for its owners. Thankfully, recent rulings by the Spanish supreme court have meant that many families now have the chance to escape from the timeshare trap and could even receive compensation under certain circumstances.”

Belinda Rollins,

Those circumstances relate to those whose timeshare contracts last for longer than 50 years. These ‘in perpetuity’ contracts have been deemed illegal by the Spanish supreme court and many owners have had their contracts declared void and received compensation payments as a result. Contracts for ‘floating weeks’ products and those where money was handed over during the cooling off period have also been judged to be illegal.

For families considering claiming for compensation, Timeshare Compensation’s online Timeshare Compensation Calculator is the place to start.

“Knowing what you may be entitled to is an important element of the timeshare compensation process. It can take time to go through old paperwork to find bank statements showing relevant payments, so owners need to know that the potential reward is worth the investment of that time. That’s why we designed the Compensation Calculator as a free tool for all those seeking to exit their timeshares via this route.”

Jodi Beard, Timeshare Compensation

Those impacted by the Monarch and Ryanair debacles will no doubt still be considering their options. Thankfully, for many families, timeshare compensation may be one of them.

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