Maintenance fees are payments that timeshare owners have to pay on a yearly basis for the upkeep and day to day running of the resort. Timeshare maintenance fees pay for staff to maintain the resort’s amenities, gardens and general cleaning as well as updates to furniture, electrical equipment, etc.

Here at Timeshare Compensation, we receive many queries from owners who are finding their ever-increasing maintenance fees are causing a huge financial strain to their bank balances. What is even worse, many report that they receive their timeshare maintenance fee bill around Christmas. Not only is Christmas a time to enjoy spending time with family, but it can also be an expensive time of year for many. The last thing timeshare owners want is the extra stress and worry during what should be a joyous time.

One of the most common complaints from timeshare owners is that their timeshare maintenance fees have increased substantially since they originally signed their timeshare contract. Even when it has been stated in the agreement that increases can occur without notice it can come as a shock, especially when the increase is substantially higher than the rate of inflation.

If you feel that your timeshare maintenance fees have become unreasonably high or the increase can’t be justified there may be something that you can do about it. Large increases may be grounds for the contract to be nullified, and you may even be entitled to timeshare compensation.

Stopping Payments

People in a desperate financial situation may feel that their only way out would be to stop paying the maintenance fees. Other people may just want to stop paying to make a protest against something they believe is completely unreasonable. At Timeshare Compensation, we don’t believe that is the correct way to about things. As mentioned above, you may have already agreed to the increases if it was stated in your contract.

By deciding not pay your timeshare maintenance fees, not only could you be breaching the conditions of your contract, it could result in the timeshare company taking further action against you such as demanding letters, getting a debt collection agency involved or even taking you to civil action against you.

Problems With Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Some maintenance fee increases can be completely justified but there are times when it has been found that these increases may not have been completely above board. If the contract that you signed when you initially purchased your timeshare doesn’t clearly explain that this could happen, the timeshare company may be in violation of the law.

If you believe that the increase in your timeshare maintenance fees is unfounded, there are things that you can do. In the first instance, you should write to your timeshare company and ask for a full breakdown of how your maintenance fees have been calculated. You can also ask for the previous year’s breakdown, so that you can compare the two. Timeshare companies are legally obliged to provide this information to you upon request. Always make any requests in writing, either by email or post.

Like everything else to do with timeshare, the breakdown that you are sent could be very confusing, so we highly recommend that you seek the help from a timeshare expert. Using a timeshare expert is always in your best interests as they are experienced in all aspects of timeshare law and will know how best to proceed.

Call Timeshare Compensation today on 0800 046 5855 to speak to one of our trained timeshare advisers. We can discuss all your options, which may even result in the exit of your timeshare and possibly some compensation.

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