How do I get out of my timeshare?

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 “’How do I get out of my timeshare?’ is something that those phoning our helpline ask on a daily basis. It’s so sad that so many people have been tricked into purchasing timeshares that didn’t meet their expectations or turn out to be quite what they thought they were being sold.”

Jodi Beard, Timeshare Compensation

Many of the families that contact Timeshare Compensation have reached the end of their tether due to issues such as inflexible contractual arrangements, inexorably increasing maintenance fees and the poor availability of the ‘dream’ holiday homes that they thought they had purchased. The company has seen a significant increase in demand from families feeling a sense of desperation in relation to their timeshare property.

Thankfully, Timeshare Compensation is able to offer hope to many of those who contact the firm. Rulings over the last two years by the Spanish Supreme Court have given fresh hope to an increasing number of those who are asking how to get out of their timeshare. With contracts for floating weeks products and contracts lasting longer than 50 years now deemed illegal, many families not only have the chance to get out of their contract, but also to claim compensation for having been mis-sold their timeshare in the first place.

“The legal landscape has shifted dramatically since early 2015, when the Spanish Supreme Court first made its view on ‘in perpetuity’ contracts known. As a result, there’s a growing awareness among the general public of their rights in terms of claiming compensation for mis-sold timeshare products and illegal timeshare contracts.”

 Belinda Rollins,

As well as ‘How do I get out of my timeshare?’ many callers are also asking ‘How much compensation am I entitled to?’ The Timeshare Compensation website can help with this second question, with the online compensation calculator available for use by anyone who has a few simple financial details relating to their timeshare to hand.

With compensation often running into the tens of thousands of pounds, the legal process to claim it is one that many families are delighted to receive support in pursuing. Taking a timeshare company to court is often a lengthy process, but with expert advice and guidance from companies such as Timeshare Compensation and on hand, more and more families are pushing to extricate themselves from illegal contracts and finally claim their dues.

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Author – Mark Rowe


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