The Hidden Agenda of Timeshare Companies

Timeshare companies have a hidden agenda. No matter what they tell you, it’s true.

They are complicit in targeting and taking advantage of innocent, often vulnerable, people who are just looking for a way to provide affordable holidays for their families.

The techniques and business practices that these companies deploy are both morally bankrupt and emotionally damaging.

Recent years have seen positive steps taken towards protecting the victims of timeshare companies, and changes to the law have rendered some of their nastiest tricks illegal. Yet still, time and time again, they insist on pushing the boundaries in their attempts to enforce their hidden agenda.

a. What They Tell You They Want

Timeshare companies will tell you that they want to give you a great, unique and affordable holiday home, year and year.

They will tell you that the savings are enormous and that you can even rent your week to someone else. Not only do you get the holidays, but you can also earn some money to offset your annual maintenance bills!

That’s what they’ll tell you.

b. The Hidden Agenda

Their hidden agenda can often be found aptly hidden within the smallprint.

Put simply, they want your money. And they want to keep getting your money, year after year. In some cases, even after you have died they will keep pursuing your family for the fees.

They take your money when you ‘buy’ the timeshare. Then they take more money on an annual basis.

Once you have signed a timeshare agreement, the company have no intention of letting you out. If you have a change of heart, or realise the true nature of the agreement, they will employ techniques of harassment and fear to lean on you until you back down. Even if they know full well that the agreement is unlawful, which it very well could be, they will try everything to dissuade you from pursuing any form of compensation.

They will do this by misleading you with lies, designed to make you feel like you are the one in the wrong and to scare you into submission.

c. What to Do

If you think you have fallen victim to the hidden agenda of timeshare companies, it is essential that you educate yourself on your rights, as well as the current timeshare laws.

Timeshare Compensation can help you in your search for justice. With their knowledge and power, you have a much greater chance of taking on these immoral organisations, ensuring that you, and everyone that comes after you, receive adequate compensation for your mistreatment.

The only way that this hidden agenda can be defeated for good is if enough people take a stand against the timeshare companies implementing them.

Let’s stop them from abusing the trust of any more innocent people.


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