The cost of travelling abroad to your timeshare is constantly increasing. Not only do you have to pay your yearly maintenance fees, which is unlikely to be cheap, you also have to take into consideration the cost of your flights.

It was once believed that owning timeshare was a great opportunity, with sales pitches conveying it was a convenient, inexpensive way to holiday time and time again. This is now, if it ever was, not the case.

The price and hassle of booking flights increases year on year.

When searching for flights you will notice that the price can vary from day to day, making it difficult to judge when it is the best time to book them.

Even if you get a great deal on your flights with a ‘budget’ airline, there are always the added extras – do you need extra leg room? do you want to guarantee that you and your travel companions are all seated together? do you need priority boarding? or need to add a suitcase that needs to go into the hold? All this comes at an extra cost.

Popular ‘budget’ airline, Ryanair, recently announced changes to their baggage policy. From the 15th January 2018, unless you purchased Priority Booking or a Plus/Flexi plus ticket it is not guaranteed that you can take two pieces of cabin baggage onboard. Ryanair have said that due to space limitations within the cabin they are only permitted to carry 90 large cabin bags (55x40x20cms). If it is decided that your bag needs to be placed in the hold, it will be at no extra charge to you. You can however, take on board a smaller bag, such as a handbag or laptop case as long as it does not exceed 35x20x20cm.

Although this change is at no cost to yourself it does mean that you have to wait for bags to be unloaded from the aircraft, delaying your exit from the airport.

One option to guarantee that you can take either, both bags onboard with you or at least the larger of the two bags is to purchase Priority Boarding. If this is purchased at the time of the booking it is £5 each way but if you decide to add this on later it will increase to £6.

Booking your seats will also cost you, standards seats from £2 and seats with extra legroom from £11, again this is each way.

Prices and allowances may vary with other airlines.
Now is the time to stop the unnecessary expense of travelling abroad to stay at your timeshare.
Contact us today to find out how you can get rid of your timeshare. During this discussion you will receive all the help you need to free yourself from the obligation of timeshare, you may also find that you are entitled to receive some compensation.
The savings you will make by not having to pay your yearly maintenance fees and flights and the possibility of compensation will get you some truly wonderful holidays anywhere within the UK.

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