Frequently Asked Questions

How am I updated of my status throughout the process?

You will be allocated your own Legal Liaison Officer, who will update you at every stage of the exit process. You will also be assigned a Legal Claims Handler, who will update you at each stage of the compensation claim.

What if there are no Timeshare Compensation offices in my area?

We can, in certain circumstances, provide overnight accommodation for those who have a longer journey to our offices.

Why do I have to attend a meeting?

To ensure all areas of your ownership are dealt with in a private and confidential manner and all details are obtained accurately.

Does your service involve me buying another timeshare?

We do not sell timeshare, we are the UK’s leading timeshare exit company.

What requirements do you need to start my claim?

Any relevant documents in relation to your timeshare purchase. Maintenance bills. Purchase Agreements. Payment receipts, etc.

Why is Timeshare Compensation right for you?

Timeshare Compensation have Senior Claims Assessors with years of experience evaluating compensation claims. We offer our services to owners who still have their timeshare, but also ex owners who have already managed to exit or stopped paying their annual maintenance fees. Although Timeshare Compensation cannot always guarantee a claim, we will successfully collate the necessary information, in order to exceed the minimum criteria, to pursue a legal claim.

Why would I be entitled to compensation?

Timeshare Compensation offer their services to timeshare owners who:
1. Have been mis-sold their timeshare
2. Were misrepresented at the timeshare sales presentation
3. Were misled in any way
4. Have a perpetuity timeshare contract
5. Forced to upgrade their timeshare unnecessarily
6. Forced to take out finance for the timeshare
7. Paid a deposit for the timeshare on the day of purchase or within the cooling off period
8. Were pressure sold their timeshare or ownership
9. Were sold floating timeshare weeks
10. Were sold a timeshare Holiday Club
There are many other variations, but these are the most common.

Why do Timeshare maintenance fees keep increasing?

Timeshare resorts are free to increase maintenance fees at any rate. Regrettably, this is something which every timeshare owner has signed and accepted within the timeshare purchase agreement small print.  The owner is then contractually obliged to pay these fees throughout the full term of the agreement whether it is utilised that year or not. Due to greed, many timeshare groups have taken advantage of increasing these fees year on year way beyond the rate of inflation. Contact Timeshare Compensation now to nullify your timeshare contract now and save you and your family from paying these over inflated future fees.

What happens if I just stop paying Timeshare fees?

We would never advice this tactic.  Most timeshare resorts will try to intimidate and scare you with the consequences. This is likely to include an escalating credit control process, starting with a barrage of reminder letters, email and phone calls (which could open themselves up to a harassment claim, so if this does happen to you, please keep a note of every date and time you are called and keep all emails and letters you are sent).  Additional charges and/or interest for late payment is normally added onto your outstanding fees. You will also be restricted to using, exchanging or renting out your timeshare ownership while your account is flagged as unpaid. The outstanding charges will continue to accrue and the process of legal action will follow, along with the threats that it will damage the debtor’s credit rating.  In some cases, the resorts have their own debt recovery agents who will scare you with letters advising they will visit your home to seize goods if payment is not received. The situation can end up being very unpleasant and stressful.  Unfortunately, the Timeshare Group/Resort has a legally binding contract which they can enforce as they see fit.

If you wish to exit your timeshare ownership contact us today on 0800 046 5855 or fill out the form below.  Timeshare Compensation can make the process of exiting your timeshare painless but also evaluate your timeshare contract to see if you are due compensation.

Why can't I get the exchanges I was promised?

The lack of exchange availability is one of the most common frustrations we hear from timeshare owners.  Not only do they pay their maintenance, but also an exchange fee on top. The reason for the lack of availability is greed.  The timeshare resorts will oversell anything they can and it has now been proved that the exchange companies are also skimming on their end, leaving the consumer with little to no availability of units at the same or higher standard (if you have pooled your weeks together). On top of this, desirable units are often held back to give to new potential buyers to impress them with the standard they could get as an owner.

Why can't I find a buyer for my ownership?

There are far more sellers of timeshares than buyers within the current market, that is fact.  Salesman will always insist that the timeshare is a viable purchase, with the possible potential to increase in value over time, but near enough everyone who owns or has ever owned timeshare knows this is not true. We at Timeshare Compensation are often asked by desperate owners to take their timeshares off their hands in exchange for no money.  This is not possible as the resorts lock the owners in and the financial burden is just passed along. It is possible to exit your timeshare or nullify your contract based on legal grounds and with the recent court rulings in the favour of the consumer, now is the time to seek advice on not only how you can exit your timeshare but also recover some of the monies you may have outlaid.  Use the Timeshare Compensation Calculator to see how much you could claim.

Why can't I sell or give back my Timeshare ownership?

If the timeshare resorts allowed owners to give back their timeshare, they would lose lots of money which is paid to them each year for the maintenance fees. Timeshare is even harder to sell now as for individuals and for the resorts.  There is now more freedom of choice to book holidays online, last minute deals and you can even book timeshare resorts at a much lower cost compared to the maintenance with no financial outlay. This is why the resorts do not allow you to simply hand the liability back to them.  The good news is that we can help.  Fill out the form below to receive more information on how and if you may be due compensation also.

What does "In perpetuity" mean?

1.the state or quality of lasting forever.
2.a bond or other security with no fixed maturity date.
This means your timeshare contract was sold to you with no end date and the liability of the ownership will carry on within your estate even after death, passing the burden to family or friends. This type of contract has been deemed illegal and contracts of this nature are deemed null & void. If you have a contract with a duration of over 50 year, or in perpetuity, call us now on 0800 046 5855 to make your claim. You could be owed the original purchase price, legal costs, maintenance costs for the duration of the ownership and awarded double any monies (on Spanish contracts) that were paid within 90 days of the point of sale.

How do I know if my Timeshare contract is "In perpetuity"?

We at Timeshare Compensation are frequently contacted by timeshare owners who are unsure what type of contract they have. Please call one of our specialist claims assessors on 0800 046 5855 and they will be able to talk you through your paperwork and advise you of the contract you have.

Can I make a compensation claim?

Fill in our Timeshare Compensation Calculator to see what you could be due, or call one of our claims assessors now on 0800 046 5855.

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