Many people who own timeshare are restricted when it comes to taking other holidays. The cost of maintenance fees and flights to visit their timeshare each year means there is little money left to enjoy taking holidays at any other time or any other place.

The financial strain of owning a timeshare means that the majority of timeshare owners are missing out on exploring some wonderful holiday spots within the UK.

You can travel across the whole of the UK by road or railway at your own convenience and not have to worry about flights getting cancelled or even delayed.

Budget airlines, Monarch and Ryanair, both hit the headlines last year. Monarch went into administration and left many people already abroad stranded and people who were still to fly had to either cancel their trips or look elsewhere for flights. Ryanair had to cancel and delay many flights due to reported pilot shortages and again people were let down. Although many people did eventually receive their money back or had their fights rearranged, there was the possibility that extra cost were incurred.

If, for instance, your timeshare is booked and you are due to be there Tuesday to Tuesday but your flight was either delayed or cancelled you are missing out on part of your holiday. This can be upsetting and cause stress and may even have a financial impact on you.

Great Britain really does have it all. You can have city breaks, seaside holidays and country manor getaways. There are also many cultural and historical places that you can visit without having to get on a plane or ferry.

Many holidays in the UK are catered for families with entertainment clubs for children, activity centres and swimming pools. There are also adult only breaks that can be taken for anyone without children or parents looking for a time-out. It is also great for anyone who has disabilities of any sort as the majority of places are disabled friendly.

You can stay in hotels or B&B’s, go camping or stay in cabins or even jump in a motor home and go on your own adventure.

And unlike travelling abroad to your timeshare you can easily extend your time away. You may have chosen to go away for a week but realise that you are having such a great time that you want to have a couple of extra nights away. Even if it means trying different accommodation.

There are many more advantages to travelling within the UK such as, taking more than one holiday a year, finding out how beautiful and diversified the country really is and even the convenience of knowing that it is easier to take home comforts with you.

Call us today to discuss your options of getting rid of your timeshare and how to make a claim for compensation. Just imagine enjoying all the future holidays that you can take with the money that could receive without the worry of ever increasing maintenance fees.

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