US Lawsuit Alleges Elder Abuse By Wyndham Timeshare

It is very unfortunate, but often the case, that those who get caught by scams are some of the most vulnerable, and the elderly are often the ones who get taken advantage of. Two mass action lawsuits have been filed in Nashville, Tennessee, against one of the largest timeshare companies, Wyndham, alleging violations of the Tennessee Timeshare Act constituting of elder abuse.

Attorneys, Aubrey Givens and Kristin Mosher, are representing a huge number of elderly Wyndham Timeshare owners, due to alleged practices of consumer fraud, false statements and ongoing abuse by Wyndham sales-agents to the elderly consumers.

The Tennessee lawsuit represents 500 senior citizens and states that Wyndham Timeshare purposely targets elderly clients. The lawsuit states that Wyndham sales agents intentionally misled and deceived the owners with advertising, stating that in order to attend their sales presentation, prospective buyers must have a minimum annual household income of $60,000. There is no such qualification if someone is aged 55 or older, or fully retired.

The lawsuit also alleges that Wyndham manipulated the reservation systems, as all of the claimants have had difficulties in booking their timeshare to use, even when they had priority booking. Other allegations stated in the lawsuit, explain that during the sales process, Wyndham sales agents made intentional misrepresentations, which are designed by Wyndham to pressure owners to purchase new or additional timeshares and that sales agents are verbally lying to consumers, getting them to sign lengthy in-depth contracts that contradict directly with what they have been told during the sales presentations.

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