Compensation calculator allows timeshare owners to work out how much they may be due

Posted on the 3rd of August 2017

T/A Timeshare Compensation

Timeshare owners in the UK are becoming increasingly switched on to the fact that they may be eligible to claim compensation for their mis-sold timeshares around the world. Now, a new Timeshare Compensation Calculator for UK owners allows them to see how much they might be owed thanks to one of ABC Lawyers.

“Knowing how much compensation they may be able to claim is a key factor driving many owners’ decision to challenge the legality of their timeshare contract. The process requires an investment of time on the part of owners, so naturally those eligible to claim compensation want to know what the return is likely to be for the time that they invest.”
Belinda Rollins,

Timeshare Compensation, in partnership with, is working with owners across the UK to support them through the compensation process. Many of those currently going through the courts own timeshares in Spain, but the scope of claiming compensation is not limited to those with Spanish contracts or properties.

“The Spanish supreme court set wheels in motion back in March 2015, when it awarded £28,000 to a Norwegian owner of a Spanish timeshare with an ‘in perpetuity’ contract. By ruling that such contracts were illegal, the courts paved the way for many more owners to step forward to claim compensation. It’s only right that those owners should have an idea of how much compensation they might be due before committing to the legal process of claiming it.”
Jodi Beard, Timeshare Compensation

To use the freely available timeshare compensation calculator, UK residents will need to know:

  • The amount they paid within the first 90 days of their purchase, including on the day of purchase
  • The amount paid after 90 days from the purchase date
  • Average maintenance fees per year
  • Number of years of ownership
  • The resort at which the timeshare is owned

Once these details have been entered, the Timeshare Compensation Calculator takes less than a second to work out how much compensation could be owed. Great news for all those stuck in a timeshare contract that they aren’t sure is legal!

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Author – Mark Rowe

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