Every year at Christmas time, family, friends and loved ones come together to celebrate this festive period. Although, the way people enjoy Christmas may vary, each with their own traditions.

During this busy time of year families gather to decorate the tree, and many children spend their time writing their lists for Santa with the hopes of receiving what they wish for, adults are shopping for gifts and food for their Christmas meal.

Obviously not everyone celebrates the same way, whilst some may focus on the giving and receiving of presents, others immerse themselves in spending time with family and there are some that will rejoice in all the religious aspects of this season.

Seeing the joy and elation in children’s eyes upon waking on Christmas morning truly does warm the heart, but unfortunately in the world that we live in today there are people that aren’t lucky enough to be surrounded by family or loved ones. They may not have family or even a home to call their own, they may be ill or may have little money. Each day can be a struggle for people like this and knowing that Christmas is just around the corner can make things even harder for them.

There are many charities who do exceptional work to help underprivileged people all year round. These charities have to rely on donations from kind-hearted organisations as well as individuals to continue with the ongoing support that they can offer anyone in need. A small token gift or someone to take the time to spend with someone in need can mean the world to them.

Every year the staff at ABC Lawyers come together and buy gifts for those less fortunate than themselves in Tenerife.

The Helping Hands Charity in Tenerife, visited our office in Tenerife on Tuesday 12th December 2017 to collect their children’s gifts. For each child that Helping Hands looks after, they will be receiving a gift voucher this Christmas. Also donated, was a huge bottle full of loose change and notes to the charity based in Centro Guaidyl.

Gifts for the elderly who currently reside in a nursing home in Santiago del Teide have also been purchased a gift by the staff. Staff members who chose to buy gifts for one of the 20 OAPs could choose to buy for either a male or female, and some even chose to buy for both. When contacting the nursing home, we requested clothing and shoes sizes for their residents to make sure that people were able to make use of the gifts that they are to receive. Some of the gifts include shoes, slippers, blouses, shirts, and even pyjamas, as well as some warmer clothes, as this time of year can feel significantly cooler.

On Friday 15th December some of our staff members visited the Red Cross Centre in Adeje. Underprivileged families in the towns stretching from Adeje to Alcala will be receiving gifts for their children. 50 gifts were donated for the children including toys and clothing and the ages ranged from 1 year to 17 years of age. Again, the staff got to choose the age of the child and how many children they wanted to buy for. It was lovely to see that some people bought for the same family so one child didn’t receive more than the other.

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