Timeshare Compensation can help timeshare owners take action against timeshare resorts, rogue resale and cancellation companies.

Timeshare Compensation also warns timeshare owners to be cautious of guidance offered by “timeshare authority bodies”. These trade associations are designed to prevent a timeshare owner from exiting their timeshare ownership/contract or even from complaining about their resort or management companies: usually using these advisory services use scare tactics and intimidation to make the owner feel there is no where else to turn as these “authorities” are recommended by many ill-informed or corrupt organisations.

The timeshare industry fund the setup and ongoing running costs of these so-called timeshare authorities.  The timeshare resorts and management companies fund these activities because they can’t afford to lose owners or allow them out of their contracts.  Allowing timeshare owners out of their contracts would mean a loss of revenue each year when they should be paying the over inflated management fees.

The Resort Development Organisation, RDO, makes no secret that it is funded by the worst timeshare resorts for high pressure sales tactics and dubious timeshare contracts, so they have an added incentive to keep timeshare owners locked into their contracts.

Timeshare Association for Timeshare Owners and Committees, TATOC – (Now in receivership as of May 2017) was also fully financed by the same timeshare companies.  TATOC offered their service of a “Consumer Helpline”:  This helpline essentially was to keep any consumer complaints “in-house” to limit the public bad press.  They also went out of their way to keep any new pending timeshare owners positive about their new purchase they didn’t seek true and unbiased advice.  TATOC no longer operate as a committee since going into receivership.

Thousands have been mis-sold by professional timeshare salesmen, don’t be misled AGAIN by their official sounding timeshare authority bodies.

Timeshare Business Check is yet another self appointed “authority” which is funded by the RDO.  Timeshare Business Check seeks to promote RDO and TATOC members, keeping any complaints under wraps, while attempting to discredit other law abiding companies.

Please contact us if any of these organisations or their resort members have conned you with incorrect advice/information or contact you offering help by calling 0800 046 5855.

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