Boat Timeshares: The Hidden Depths of Timeshare On The Water

Boat timeshares can be tempting, having the opportunity to relax on the water is appealing, however, a lot of boat timeshares are not sold for the use of the boat, but for the timeshare exchange system. This can often lead the consumers into a false sale.

Boat Timeshare Mis-selling

Before buying, consumers should consider the boat mooring aspects of the contract as the operator may have the option to change the mooring position. If the operator is permitted to do this under contract, you may find that your boat is no longer located in a convenient place for your holiday. This is often not stated as a possibility during the initial sale.

Sales representatives tend to claim large rental incomes can be made from the boat timeshare but often the rental figures declared during the sales practice are actually based on boats of a much superior specification.

In order to sell boat timeshares during the less desired low season weeks, such as during winter, it is common practice for salespeople to sell the timeshare on the premise that it can be exchanged for the use of another timeshare throughout the world. This can often be an appealing deal to many consumers but the benefits are often exaggerated.

Low season weeks

Buying a timeshare in a low season week on the basis that you can use it to exchange to a different timeshare location, is not as straightforward a plan as you might think. In order to be able to exchange your boat timeshare week to a different timeshare, the company need to find someone who wants to use your week in order for you to do so. It is going to be very difficult for the company to find a consumer for a winter week as boating can be cold, wet, there may be ice on the canals and often in the UK, Canals are closed for maintenance during the winter period. These weeks are called ‘non-cruising weeks’.

Timeshare salespeople can often lure you into buying a boat timeshare, suggesting that it is opening you up to a whole world of travel, however, this is a lie more often than not. If you have been subject to miss-selling, you may have to take legal action to get out of the timeshare contract. If you feel like you were mis-sold your timeshare, fill out our form below and our expert team will guide you in the right direction. 

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