Big News On South Carolina Timeshare Compensation

South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that timeshare buyers can now sue timeshare developers over abuse of a 1978 law formed to regulate the industry.

The unanimous 4-0 decision by the Justices will allow an estimated 100 lawsuits to be filed against Myrtle Beach and two Hilton Head Island timeshares. Complaints have been made by the timeshare companies involved in the legal row, arguing that these issues should be decided by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission, not through the courts.

The timeshare developers named in the lawsuits had been hoping for a different outcome suggesting that South Carolina relies on the Timeshare industry and if the courts allow consumers to sue, the industry will destabilise which will impact on the South Carolina economy as a whole. They have also stated that the ruling will threaten the rights of those who are happy and wish to continue with their timeshares. The courts have not changed their ruling despite saying that they understand and do not reject these claims lightly.

Many previously stalled timeshare cases can resume since this ruling. A couple who paid around $26,000 for a timeshare on Hilton Head, who began suing the timeshare developer in 2015, are now looking to receive a full refund and their contract to be declared null and void due to Hilton Head not registering compulsory documents under the South Carolina Vacation Time Sharing Plans Act.

This verdict means that South Carolina timeshare compensation may be on the rise and the resorts will be worrying. However, it is great news for consumers across the state as they may have the chance to make their timeshare contracts null and void once and for all.

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