How To Deal With A Bad Timeshare Company

Not all timeshare companies are bad. But some really are. And if you’re suffering at the hands of a bad timeshare company, then you’ll know this full well. Sometimes it’s hard to believe quite how low a bad timeshare company will stoop, and this can leave you angry, upset and not knowing which way to turn. How on earth do you deal with people like this? Well, here’s a few tips.

Stay Cool

Firstly, don’t get angry. This may seem easier said than done when they’re lying and taking your money wrongly. But it’s important to take that deep breath and count to ten. Losing your temper not only makes you feel even more stressed, you may find yourself saying things you shouldn’t, or exacerbating the situation by winding them up.

Get Organised

Next, get your paperwork in order. Go through every speck of paperwork you have relating to your timeshare and read it thoroughly. This should help you to identify precisely where they’re letting you down. Keep a thorough record of every conversation you have on the telephone or in person, and keep all correspondence, along with relevant bank statements, invoices and demands for payment.

Think It Through

If possible, think back to when you took out your timeshare contract. How did the process take place? Write down every detail of the presentation and sales pitch, right through to using your timeshare, and every single moment of communication in between.

Don’t Be Hasty

Don’t act before you know exactly what to do. This means not withholding payment of maintenance fees, and not telling the bad timeshare company that you plan to file a lawsuit against them. Just stay quiet, and avoid any telephone calls. If this is not possible, or you want to build up a body of evidence, then keep a record of all calls in as much detail as you can.

Enlist The Experts

Most importantly, get an expert to help you. Rather than tackling a bad timeshare company yourself, and risking failure, someone who’s experienced and knows the tricks these bad timeshare companies pull to get their way, will know exactly what to do.

They’ll be able to advise you if you have a legal case against them, and how to proceed with a timeshare compensation case. You may have already gone through your contract yourself, but an expert who is used to dealing in the seedy web of legalese in which timeshare contracts are written, will probably be able to find things that you could not.

If you’re worried about the legal fees, don’t. Any timeshare expert worth their salt will never bring a case to court if they don’t think it has a good chance of winning. And winning cases almost always come with legal fees fully paid on your behalf, either by the bad timeshare company themselves, or via the courts.  

If you think you could be entitled to compensation for timeshare, get in touch with us. We’ll be able to help you proceed in the right direction, and offer you all the facts and advice you’ll need to get the result you are looking for. Find out more about claiming with a chat with one of our friendly advisors. Just fill in the form below:


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