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1. How can you claim Compensation when my contract was signed before 1999?

– Your claim, together with the evident documents available will be assessed first of all. It may be possible to claim compensation or seek remedy even if you signed the contract prior to 1999.

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2. What does perpetuity mean to me and my family?

– Any perpetuity contracts still in existence are deemed null and void. Therefore, will not be passed on to your next of kin. You should seek advice from our legal team to assist you with exiting your contract.

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3. How long does it take to claim compensation?

– The time frame for compensation claims varies and is dependent upon the documentary evidence available and the avenue the claim will proceed. For example, legal action to recover compensation will understandably take longer than directing a claim pursuant consumer credit protection.

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4. My timeshare company has said I cannot claim compensation?

– If you have registered an official complaint seeking a remedy or compensation to your timeshare company where the final response provided was unfavorable, you are entitled to escalate your claim further. It is always beneficial to have your claim assessed to ensure all avenues of remedy and compensation can be reviewed either by yourself or by appointing someone to do this for you, such as a claims specialist.

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5. My timeshare company has asked me to pay them to nullify the perpetuity clause. What should I do?

– It is a requirement by The Timeshare, Holiday Products, Resale and Exchange Contracts Regulations 2010, for all contracts containing a perpetuity clause to be amended by the timeshare company or the contract will be deemed null and unenforceable. If the timeshare company demands payment for such an amendment you are entitled to refuse with no determent to you.

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6. I am struggling to find my credit card details and the bank has said they will only search back six years although I know what bank I used at the time.

– If you are able to provide the bank details along with purchase details, your claim can be assessed for compensation.

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