Anfi Timeshare Tries To Put Things Right

Since the Spanish Supreme Court ruling that timeshare contracts signed after 1999 that are contracted for more than 50 years are null and void, there have been many court battles taking place all across Europe by timeshare owners seeking compensation. Anfi Timeshare are one of the resorts who have had several losses in court due to their contracts deemed illegal.

Anfi rectify the situation

In June 2017, Anfi Timeshare are said to be holding a Special General Meeting in Gran Canaria in which their timeshare owners are invited to attend. During this meeting, Anfi will be discussing and rectifying the terms of their contracts. Three resolutions will be proposed at this meeting for timeshare owners to vote on: 

1.To have fixed terms of occupancy for no more than 50 years – Although this is a step forward to get rid of the ‘in perpetuity’ contracts found in the timeshare industry, it is highly unlikely that there will be any financial changes to make the payments relevant to the shorter term so this may not be of any benefit to timeshare owners.

2.The entire Timeshare Scheme itself is limited to a maximum of 50 years ending in 2049 – Very much similar to the proposal above, this proposal suggests that the whole of the Anfi timeshare community would conclude their timeshare contracts in 2049, meaning some would have shorter terms than others. For example, if you bought a timeshare in 2013, the contract would also end before 2049 making it only a 35 year contract.

3. To amend the Timeshare Scheme entirely to be compliant with the Spanish Act in 1999 –  This is simply changing the way contracts are made in the future, making sure there are no floating weeks and having a specific term of occupancy in the contract in order to comply with the Spanish Supreme Court ruling

What does this mean for Anfi Timeshare owners?

Although these three proposals may sound promising in that Anfi are trying to right their wrongs, none of them will be beneficial to current Anfi Timeshare owners. Many owners feel they have been mis-sold their timeshare or that their contract that may be null and void, but they will still have to continue paying the fees and have the burden of the timeshare over them even after these proposals are in place.

Anfi seems to be putting forward these resolutions as a way to save their own back and to avoid being dragged through timeshare compensation court cases with a potential loss of millions. If you are an Anfi customer, before signing anything new with the company, we advise you to do your research on these proposals and decide whether they are beneficial to you, if not, you may be eligible for timeshare compensation and have your contract deemed null and void.

Please get in touch with us if you need any advice on your personal case, we can point you in the right direction to take.

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