Anfi Timeshare Contracts Changed After Raft Of Legal Claims

As we have previously reported, Anfi timeshare contracts have been under scrutiny resulting in huge losses for the company, who have then tried to right their wrongs by holding a meeting to discuss resolutions to the issue.

Last month (June 2017) a Special General Meeting was held for timeshare owners in Gran Canaria in order for Anfi to discuss how they were going to rectify the timeshare contracts that are gaining attention due to exceeding the legal 50 year maximum contract length.

The Result of the meeting

Three potential resolutions were put to the timeshare owners for a vote.

  1. To establish occupancy periods for a maximum of 50 years’ duration, with an option to extend for a further recurring occupancy period of 50 years.
  2. To limit the duration of the timeshare scheme to a maximum of 50 years.
  3. Total change of Timeshare Scheme to adapt to Spanish Act 4/2012.

The results were as follows.

Resolution 1 was the winning proposal with 2604 votes in favour and only 245 votes against and this will be applied to all three Anfi resorts (Club Puerto Anfi, Club Monte Anfi, and Anfi Beach Club).

How will this affect your Anfi timeshare contract

The outcome of the Special General Meeting on Anfi timeshare contracts, unfortunately, will not have many benefits to current timeshare owners as it only applies to new contracts and the club has no right to change existing contracts. However, if you do sign a new contract then the occupancy period will last for a maximum of 50 years which you can then opt to extend. If you have not signed a new Anfi timeshare contract your existing contract will still be in place and may be in perpetuity meaning it is illegal and you may be eligible for timeshare compensation and to get the contract deemed null and void.


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