It’s definitely a relief to find out that you have successfully exited your timeshare contract, and better still, received a great sum in compensation.

Now that you no longer own your timeshare, and with your successfully won compensation cash, you can finally holiday in all those destinations, where you could never get to with your timeshare ownership.

Having this extra cash during the summer holidays is a fantastic opportunity to take the whole family away to somewhere you will all enjoy. Timeshare Compensation have put together 3 ways of different holidaying options that you may have not been able to afford until now, or simply just because you couldn’t get there on your timeshare ownership.


Why not splurge out and take the whole family to Disney. No one is too old to enjoy the magic, and whether you visit Disneyland Paris or Disney World you will be equally amazed.
If you are not fond of the long travels anymore, then Disneyland Paris is definitely an option for you. From the UK you don’t only have the option of flying, but another easy route would be the Eurostar, which drops you directly outside the park entrance.

When looking for accommodation, there are plenty of sites online where you can search the best price and accommodation that suits your needs. Trip Advisor have some great recommendations and reviews on each resort and their amenities.

Yes, Disney World is a longer flight, but you will enjoy the different types of parks, like the water parks, that you don’t have in Disneyland Paris. There are many resorts just outside of the park, which means you can easily find cheaper accommodation rather than staying inside of the park.


If you’re not fond of the hustle and bustle of the theme parks, a cruise may be a more relaxing and enjoyable option for you.

A cruise is something many people have on their bucket list, but is either too expensive, or very hard to get when you own a timeshare. Again, searching the internet can save you hundreds of pounds on a cruise. Booking the right deal at the right time of year makes a huge difference.

A cruise can get you to explore various places. At each port that you dock in, you can do your own trips around the towns, enjoy the typical foods they have to offer and see the diverse cultures of the world.

The main thing you must decide on when booking a cruise is where you want to go. There are so many route options around the world, that it could be hard to decide on just one.

Safaris are definitely becoming a very popular holiday choice. Seeing the most exotic, dangerous, and endangered animals living in their own environment, is a wonderful experience to be able to do.

This is the kind of holiday where you can take the kids and the grandkids, make it a romantic getaway or even a group of friends. Again, there is something for every age to enjoy here.

When booking a Safari holiday, you will see that it’s not all about the animals. You will find different trips to take where you can see the amazing African scenery, typical village life and stunning white beaches.

Your compensation money would go a long way in the cheap African markets and you could have the best of both worlds when it comes to adventure and relaxation.

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