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Last week Timeshare Compensation activated 61 claims for clients who we believe to have passed the minimum criteria to make a claim

On Monday 17 December, 2018

Call Timeshare Compensation today to make your claim against your resort before the Christmas break if you feel like you were mis sold and mis lead

On Friday 14 December, 2018

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On Thursday 13 December, 2018

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On Wednesday 12 December, 2018

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On Tuesday 11 December, 2018


Should I Fund My Timeshare Compensation Claim or Seek Professional Advice?

Many consumers purchase their timeshare on the promise of 5-star luxury, it’s a sound investment and it will re-sell without any problems in the future. The above declarations are common during timeshare presentations. However, most will know that when they do try to...

Double Scamming

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to hear that timeshare owners have fallen victim to fraudsters for a second time offering to dispose of their contracts in exchange for a fee, in addition to the promise of relinquishing your contract they also claim that they too can obtain...

Canada Welcomes US Timeshare Owners

Canada is largely unknown to many Americans and although Canadian travellers frequently tour through the US and Mexico, it is not hugely common for Americans to venture north to Canada nearly as often. Timeshare Compensation have been researching and have found that...
I did quite a bit of research...

… and read all the reviews and decided to contact Timeshare Compensation. The service so far has been very good. We had a meeting in York back in April and everything about it was good. We met with Phil who was very knowledgeable, professional, polite and reassuring about the service, I would rate him a 5*. Lesley was made our point of contact. I spoke with her a couple of times and she was very thorough, delivering what she said she would. I would also rate her a 5*. We have achieved a satisfactory exit in a reasonably short space of time. I would rate the overall service 5*.

£21,947 won for our client against Azure

… , After help from ABC Legal, Mr & Mrs Kearney pursued and successfully won a total of £21,947 against Azure, Malta.
Their story below is an all too familiar one; the falsified comments made by the sales representative on the day of their purchase did not coincide with what ended up being in their contract. This was the main grounds for The Financial Ombudsman upholding their claim and forcing compensation to be paid to the client.

Read more here

My Mum gave me a newspaper cut out...

… which I ignored for about 6 months. Now that we have been to see you today, we realise we should have contacted you sooner. We are very happy with all of the information given. Phill was great, we left with no questions as he addressed them all, everything we needed to know was covered. The company has done everything it said it would and we have exited our ownership without any stress. Everyone has been very helpful. I would give a 5 star rating for the service..


Contract Compensation

Have you signed a purchase agreement which could be illegal?Not only could your contract be deemed null & void but you could register a claim.Contact us now to evaluate your contract and see whether you have been mis-sold.

Finance Compensation

If you paid any monies at the point of purchase and/or within the 90 days following or if you paid for all or part of your purchase by credit card or finance you may be due the full amount back and more.Contact us now to evaluate your claim.

Performance Compensation

Did promises made at the point of purchase never materialise?Many people purchased easy exchanges which they then found to be false.You could be due compensation.

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