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Last week Timeshare Compensation activated 2 claims for two seperate Royal Goan Beach Club owners

On Tuesday 23 October, 2018

Last week Timeshare Compensation activated 74 claims for clients who we believe to have passed the minimum criteria to have a claim accepted

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On Monday 22 October, 2018

Timeshare Compensation are looking at 8 different locations in the UK to start doing our roadshows; London, Coventry, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Aberdeen & Edinburgh

On Friday 19 October, 2018

Timeshare Compensation are organising a Roadshow for anyone who would like to come and find out about exiting and claiming compensation against their timeshare resort

The dates we are organising will be the 22nd & 23rd of November in London. If you would like more information then please call the below number

Contact us on 0800 046 5855


On Thursday 18 October, 2018

Another Royal Goan Beach Club has decided to make a claim against their resort using Timeshare Compensation to their increasing maintenance bills

On Wednesday 17 October, 2018

Reviewed by Mrs Rodgers

“I was on my last couple of days holiday in Mexico and I had just made the mistake of getting involved with timeshare, I honestly thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown as I had no idea how to get out of it. I spoke to an advisor- Sarah at Timeshare compensation who was absolutely brilliant, I actually spoke to her while I was still in Mexico as I honestly did not think I was going to be able to sort it and was so upset, but down to Sarah and purely down to her for the advice she gave me, we have now received the confirmation of cancellation through from the timeshare company. Not only that, she even called me when I got home to check that everything was okay. Had we not have received the cancellation notice through, we would have absolutely without a doubt used the timeshare compensation service to sort it out as it is clearly a fantastic company.”


Reviewed by Mrs Wood

“I initially contacted Timeshare Compensation as I was interested in pursuing compensation on the timeshare that we previously owned. After an initial consultation with Gary, the telephone advisor, I was advised that I didn’t qualify for any compensation due to certain circumstances.  Gary did, however, give me very valuable advice on what I should do next – which I have now done. The advice I received was extremely helpful to me and my circumstances, I was treated very well and if circumstances had been different I would have definitely gone with this company, however, I will most certainly recommend it to anyone else who has timeshare and needs advice.”


Reviewed by Mr & Mrs Stanley

“I was away abroad for some weeks and my husband was back and forth due to work.  When he was back at our home in the UK one day he received a phone call and he told me when I arrived back home a few days later.  We ended up speaking with Laura.  I felt there was definitely experience there and obviously, from the base point Laura was very nice, very friendly, very helpful and very good.  There were a lot of questions that I asked her, some of them could not be answered as it was not her department.  Laura passed me onto Gary and he looked through my paperwork and said that unfortunately you could not help us as our timeshare was sold to us to the methods in which it would prevent us claiming compensation. Timeshares are normally purchased with loans, credit cards and finance payments. Gary has kept our information on file and said that when, not if, the law changes and we can use these methods to claim for compensation then he will call us back. I would give you a 4/5 on your level of service.”



Reviewed by Mr Harris

“I originally found an advert for ABC Lawyers in a magazine and I can say that the experience with you has been very professional. We have exited one of our timeshares so far and I am definitely relived. I have been told that our claim has been accepted and we will be receiving £14.000 in compensation. Throughout the process I have dealt with Lesley and everything has been fine, I would give ABC Lawyers Ltd a 4/5 rating and would recommend your services to other timeshare owners.”


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Once a timeshare has been purchased this allows owners the right to holiday accommodation for a set period of time each year. Whilst most owners enjoy their holiday home for many years, it’s also not unusual that some consumers find it difficult to meet the annual...


Contract Compensation

Have you signed a purchase agreement which could be illegal?Not only could your contract be deemed null & void but you could register a claim.Contact us now to evaluate your contract and see whether you have been mis-sold.

Finance Compensation

If you paid any monies at the point of purchase and/or within the 90 days following or if you paid for all or part of your purchase by credit card or finance you may be due the full amount back and more.Contact us now to evaluate your claim.

Performance Compensation

Did promises made at the point of purchase never materialise?Many people purchased easy exchanges which they then found to be false.You could be due compensation.

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